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Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank God for Music... And Surgeons!

Yesterday was just a fucked up day. I was cranky, sad, and really angry at a friend.  People that care made it better though.

I am so sick of being taken advantage of by this one "friend".  I've decided to say Fuck you, and just finish out my word I gave her by picking up her girls from school (whom I love lots)... And then disconnect with her after school is out.  We're fucking moving anyway so it really doesn't matter.  But why are people always so about themselves? Fucking selfish people suck balls.  I do and do and do to try to help people. BUT GOSH DARNIT. NO MORE.  FUCK them. LOL GRRRR....

Okay, so maybe today's not a fantastic day either. HAH. On the bright side my af is almost gone... And I'm doing OPK's this month to see where I'm at! Yeeehaw... POAS here I come. HAH.

I am heading to the chiropractor next week... YAY! Maybe it will help?  If not Walter Reed/Bethesda here I come! No wait list for IVF! Fuck yes!

I met the most amazing person on the wives forum on FB for Ft. Meade... She's amazing and I think we're going to be great friends! It's nice to know I'm making friends before I even get there!!!!

I just want my gallbladder to come out!!! I can't take the pain much longer.  I go to the surgeon on Tuesday. Thank GOD!  I'm about to go out of my mind with this garbage of hurting when I eat and drink... Fuckin shitty as functioning gallbladder. Grrr... LOL

I'm ready for whatever this year brings to me... So far, it's been good!!! :) Can't wait to see what else is in store. Hope all my ladies are good. Think about ya all the time and pray for ya'll!! <3

It's been music and hubby keeping me sane these last few weeks... Tomorrow is a facial at the spa with two of my best friends! Love it!

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